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8mm and Super8 reels

Please note: All covers are shown in relative proportions to each other.

The 8mm reels tend to get expensive on the second-hand market, but most of them are common and easily obtainable. There are a lot of general 8mm collectors out there, and they compete intensively for these reels, especially the German and Spanish releases.

The early Ken Films reels came in cardboard boxes that are prone to wear. The spools themselves vary in colour, they may be grey, black or even blue. This variation seems to have no bearing on the price as it is a random factor of Ken Film's production.

The plastic clamshell covers tend to have cracked corners and usually split apart at the spine as a result of repeated use. Unlike todays DVD covers the paper inserts were sealed in the clamshells making replacement of the boxes difficult.

I have been unable to ascertain if the numerous European releases are dubbed in their respective languages, as my 8mm projector has no sound capability. Note that the German Marketing Film editions are labeled "english version". This indicates to me that the European releases are just rebadged and repackaged US editions.