Star Wars Trilogy, Laserdisc, 20th Century Fox Home Ent. Japan, 1994

The Japanese equaivalent to the US Definitive Collection released the year before.

The set features all three of the original movies in CAV. The movies were restored and mastered to the top standards of the time. The first Star Wars even got a new surround sound mix. For the first time, the movies were released with supplemental features like interviews, effects breakdowns, trailers and audio commentary. Quite an event at the time.

The box is identical in size and finish to the US version. Inside, there is a separate compartment for the enclosed book, unlike the US box. The Japanese box doesn't have the colourful label on the back that the US box had, but otherwise the content is identical.

Like the US set, this also comes with a complete edition of the George Lucas: The creative impulse by Charles Champlin. The Japanese translation received a beautiful dustjacket that the US version lacked. The enclosed programme is also identical, though translated into Japanese.

The Japanese release featured LD-G (Laserdisc Graphics), but I believe it was just employed to provide captions. I've enclosed a scan of the sticker from the packaging.