Return of the Jedi, Laserdisc, "Evergreen" CBS/FOX Video Japan, 1991

The so-called "Evergreen" releases, named after the promo for the evergreen Fox films on the the OBI, featured PCM digital soundtracks.

Also advertised on the OBI is the mail-in offer for a sampler disc from Fox Video. You apparently had to mail in the form to receive the disc, thus the actual form is missing from many 2nd hand copies of these discs. If it hadn't come with this disc, I wouldn't have known it was missing from the others. It looks like the offer expired on 1991/12/31. Anyone who reads japanese may correct me if my assumptions are wrong.

Japanese laserdiscs command a higher price if they come with their original OBI, a price/information strip that is common on Japanese media but often discarded by the original buyer.