Ewoks - The battle for Endor, Laserdisc, MGM/UA Home Video Japan, 1988

You'll note that this release features the European one-sheet by Italian artist Renato Casaro which overemphasizes the action elements of the movie.

Japanese laserdiscs command a higher price if they come with their original OBI, a price/information strip that is common on Japanese media but often discarded by the original buyer. The OBIs usually have some sort of decorative function and complements the artwork well. On this particular disc it's somewhat garish.

After having missed this the first time around on eBay, it took seven years before it resurfaced again. I was just about the only bidder this time around. There really doesn't seem to be too much interest in the Japanese laserdiscs of the Ewok movies, even though they are scarce.

Comes with 2-sided insert: