Star Wars, Widescreen, Laserdisc, CBS/Fox video, USA 1989

Pioneer Video Corp. Japan 1989 pressing

First widescreen edition releases in the US. This was a port of the Japanese Special Collection disc released in 1986. This transposition was not done correctly, and the cropping of the image increased with every reel change. This US Special Widescreen Collection version is therefore referred to as the Incredible Shrinking Ratio edition. (See illustrations here.) The error was finally corrected in 1993 in a US repressing by Technidisc*

This disc's soundtrack was mastered from the 1985 digital remix of the Star Wars soundtrack. This remix differs slightly from all previous mixes used for theatrical and home video releases. Most notably, it featured C-3PO's line "The Tractor Beam is coupled to the main reactor in seven locations..." This line was later permanently reinstated in the 1997 special edition and all subsequent versions.

These were reprinted in large quantities many times and show up shrinkwrapped quite frequently. From 1992 onwards, all repressings featured the FOX Video logo.

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