THX Ultimate Demo Disc, DVD, THX, USA 2003

What makes this disc of interest to Star Wars collectors is that it features the full Podrace sequence from Episode I. The sequence was extended for Episode I's DVD debut, but this disc retains the original, theatrical cut, not available anywhere else on DVD officially.

The celebrated WOW! montage of Lucasfilm productions, previously a Laserdisc exclusive, is also included.

This disc is considered somewhat rare, but I see it on eBay all the time. Most sellers will have you believe it's worth upward of $150 (or $500!!), but I've never seen it go for that much. I once read that with the debut of the Internet, nothing's rare anymore, only expensive. Truer words...

I've actually found 2 variations of this disc. There's also one dated 2002 and with minor variations to the cover. Since my 2003 copy is sealed, I can't determine wether there are any differences in the actual content. The track listing on the back is identical, though.