Return of the Jedi Special Edition, DVD, Bootleg, "Look" version, China 2000

The "Look" versions (They have a logo for something called "Look" at the beginning - see below) were among the first bootlegs that started to appear in 2000. The 1997 US laserdiscs of the special editions, the High-end video format of the day, were used to source these DVDs. As such, they were superior to VHS but not comparable to a properly mastered DVD. They were released with many cover variations, most of them using the John Alvin artwork you see here.

This set came from Hong Kong in a flat envelope with just the discs and the artwork (You can see the fold along the spine on the insert). You had to provide the actual cover yourself. This was standard practice for bootleg sellers. Note that they just copied the credits from VanDamme's Maximum Risk. Who would notice? No pride in their work...

If you were a bootlegger, Star Wars was a goldmine. Lucasfilm's reluctance to release these films on DVD meant that numerous Star Wars fans paid up to $100 for a set of the trilogy.