The Clone Wars, DVD, EZY DVD Exclusive Tin, Australia 2008

This is an embossed tin case meant to house the Australian DVD of The Clone Wars movie.

Major Australian DVD retailer EZYDVD announced preorders for an exclusive tin box DVD set of the Clone Wars movie in November 2008. I was of course one who preordered gladly. Unfortunately, the company was placed in receievership in december of that same year, due to significant losses and heavy debt. When the company was resurrected under new management in february 2009, the Clone Wars tin was cancelled.

Fast forward to january 2011 when I found a seller on eBay selling a lot of these, no DVD included. Apparently the tins were manufactured and ready to go when the company went belly-up in 2008. I am uncertain whether these tins have been available anywhere else in the meantime, but I am certainly happy to finally receive one.