Return of the Jedi, Betamax, CBS/Fox Video / Mayco A/S, Norway 1986

The origianl Norwegian rental tape from 1986, in near pristine condition. By 1986 the demand for Beta tapes in Norway was almost non-existant. Thus this tape probably saw few rentals. That would explain the excellent condition. All rental tapes at the time came in big covers.

The title is translated as "The Jedi knight returns".
The first paragraphs of the synopsis on the back reads: "This is the final installment of George Lucas' planned 9-part adventure. The middle part started with STAR WARS and continued with The Empire Strikes Back. The story takes place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

Do you have any idea how rare this tape is? No? Neither have I, but I have never, ever come across even a hint of another copy.
I have no idea where this tape spent the years since it was taken off the shelf and when I bought it in dec. 2007. I made contact with a Norwegian enthusiast who specializes in collecting and selling old rental tapes, and he casually mentioned he had a Beta copy of Return of the Jedi. Would I be interested? (!!!!!). And the price was very reasonable as well. (*Sigh of relief*)