Star Wars, Betamax, Sell-through tape, CBS/Fox Video USA, 1984
Version "A"

Version "A" has the same label as the first "drawer" release. I therefore believe this to be the first pressing of the slide-out cardboard box releases. The orientation of the label is the same as the drawer release as well. Also a Scoth brand tape. Unlike the "drawer" release, this cover states Hi-Fi Stereo, which would make this a new master.

The version-labeling is my own, and reflects the differences in the tapes between the different pressings. The box is the same on all pressings, therefore you can only tell the difference by looking at the actual tape. If you have a sealed copy, there is no way of telling which version you have without breaking the seal.

The difference in pressings has no bearing on the value of the release. This variation is so minor as not to be of importance to most people.