Ewoks - The battle for Endor, VHS, Esselte Video, Norway 1986

Full frame, Norwegian subtitles. The Norwegian rental tapes came in big clamshell boxes, much like the UK.

The title is translated as "Escape from Endor" and they spelled Wicket's name wrong on the back.

Norwegian distributor Esselte Video had the rights to the MGM/UA library (among others). Their rental tapes all had this distinctive, yellow colour. This was the only Star Wars related title they had, as the feature films, the first Ewoks TV special and the animated Ewoks series was handled by competitor Mayco.

Though the copyright is dated 1986, there is a rental store label on the inside of the cover indicating that the tape was registered in their systems as early as Dec. 15, 1985.

In such a small market as Norway, it is very difficult to find anything like these old rental tapes. I'm sure the tapes are out theres somewhere, it's just that whoever has them don't realize they might be worth something to collectors.

I found this tape at a Norwegian site specializing in online classifieds. The seller specialized in 80's rental tapes and in a picture showing stacks of tapes I spotted this Ewoks tape. When I contacted him, he even had an old Betamax of Return of the Jedi.