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CD-R bootlegs:

The VCD format is the forerunner to DVD and offers a highly compressed digital image using the MPEG1 codec. The audio is only stereo. Originally VCD playback was limited to (at the time) high end PCs or standalone players. With the proliferation of DVD players, most of which could also play VCD, the format became viable to the public. VCD was most successful in Asia and it is from these countries every official VCD of Star Wars originates.

As VCD files were designed to fit on a standard 650MB CD, this was the optimal format for digital video piracy on cheap CD-R discs. I have included several of the bootlegs I've encountered over the years. There is some discussion as to which releases are official, and my categorization of these discs are a "best guess". I may have been fooled by some nice bootlegs :-)