Star Wars, CED, 20th Century-Fox Video, USA 1982

This was the first release of Star Wars on CED, released by 20th Century-Fox video. It would later be reissued under the CBS/Fox banner, just like they did with all other releases of Star Wars at the time.

From the CEDmagic website:
Star Wars was a highly anticipated and immensely popular CED title when it was released in August 1982. This title even drove the sale of RCA's stereo SGT200 and SGT250 players, which became available only two months earlier.
Star Wars was the first single-disc CED title released at the $34.98 price point and was the only CBS/Fox title ever set at this higher price. The price points for single discs titles up to the release of Star Wars were $14.98, $19.98, $21.98, $24.98, and $29.98. Only a few of the later MCA and Warner single-disc titles were also priced at $34.98. Despite the higher price there wasn't much complaining.

I have no hardware to play CED disc, but from what I hear these were time compressed (like the early laserdiscs) to fit the movie under two hours. The CED format could fit one hour of video to a side.

The outer shell was called a caddy, and they came in blue and white variations. (The disc was inserted into a slot on the player, and the caddy retracted and put away during playback.) The colour of the caddy seems to be random across releases, and has no bearing on the collectible value of the discs.

There was also a variation in how the handles at the bottom were formed. They could be either recessed or raised. On later disc there was no handle at all. Additionally, the plastic tray inside the caddy, called a spine, could also vary in colour, so any and all combinations of caddy and spine could be possible.

Maybe all variations should be considered unique and collected? Myself, I'm having a hard time finding any of the CEDs in something close to acceptable condition. Many of them suffer from excessive shelf-wear, especially on the bottom.