Star Wars Trilogy, Laserdisc, 20th Century Fox Home Ent. Japan, 1995 re-issue w/Bonus discs

Re-release of the 1994 Definitive Collection box set from Japan. This rarely seen box set contains the same CAV-encoded discs as the previous release, but this time the George Lucas: The Creative Impulse book was replaced with a copy of the three "Making of" specials for the trilogy. (The documentaries were also released separately on Laserdisc in Japan the same year.)

Unlike the first release, this box does not have a flip-open lid, and the finish is regular glossy black cardboard, not the textured vinyl of the first US and Japan editions. While they kept the silver print on the front, the general feel of this release is cheaper. The separate films are housed in individual jackets, which differ only slightly in design compared to the 1994 versions. The three documentaries come in a separate gatefold jacket, spread over two discs with one programme to a side in CLV with Japanese subtitles. The enclosed booklet is identical to the previous version.

To the best of my knowledge, this set completes my collection of the Japanese Laserdisc releases. I had been on the lookout for a reasonably priced copy for years, and stumbled upon a listing on the German eBay site for it for it for $340 shipped. Most people would probably have a hard time describing this amount of money as "reasonable", but it was still lower than I've seen this listed for in my many years of searching. I hesitated at first, but after 25 minutes of increasing stress levels I just had to press the "Buy it Now" button. (I may have said this elsewhere too, but my philosophy is that you regret more the things you didn't purchase, than the ones you did.) My blood pressure slowly returned to normal.